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Batman short [Feb. 26th, 2013|04:16 pm]
Amateur Screenwriters
I have a short film in head

And I was just thinking that maybe this could help bring it to life.

Imagine this a chess bored with a single hand moving each pice both player and opposing player

And then a mysterious voice starts to speak over it saying

Mysterious voice:

Question's.... Question's are the gate way to infinite power. But how you may ask.. Well don't strain yourselves trying to figure it out I'm going to tell you. Questions lead to answers and answers lead to knowledge and knowledge is the single most powerful force in the universe... not fear and surtonley not brawn (refunce to batman) but a understanding of things

So if you can prove that you have more knowledge then anyone! else... Well then you have gained the ultimate power

So I leav you with this.

What is a question without a answer... It's simple

A question without a answer is simply a

mystery. A dilemma. A problem............ A RiDDLE ?

Then the camera pulls above the chessboard reviling that he's placed the pieces in the form of a question mark ?

Allowing fans to know exactly who the mysterious voice was. The riddler