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Amateur Screenwriters Community!

Let us Write

Amateur Screenwriters
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This community is for amateur screenwriters to post their scripts, stories, ideas, whatever. Any type of screenplay goes, BUT, please follow these rules:

No porn.

No senseless violence. Action and stuff is ok, just don't go psycho.

No pervasive bad language. Cussing is ok (in your scripts), but try not to curse when just posting thoughts.

No racial slurs or prejudice. There will be no "American History X" style scripts allowed.

And that's about it. Also, please use common sense.

When you make your introductory post, please include you're favorite writer/director and film, along with how much experience you've had. This is optional, so don't feel pressured.

Finally, have some fun, write write write!

If you have any questions, contact me at fateliongod@yahoo.com. Thanks!